Friday, May 15, 2009

Brights or Not?

This season has been fun in terms of nail polish, of course! There have been tons of neons which scream summer and fun! Luckily, super-neon colors are not your only options if you want your nails be trendy for summer. Bright colors like the new Bright Pair collection by OPI and Kicks by China Glaze are a good way to still get an awesome splash of color without going over the top. But, if you love bringing that funky and daring vibe to your nails, neons are a fun way to go! Try the Neons by Essie limited edition collection to get brightest nails of the summer, plus fabulous eye catching colors.

I want to hear from you, what are your favorites (colors, collections, etc.) from this season?


  1. I am loving the China Glaze Kicks! I am wearing Custom Kicks (the teal shimmer) as a pedi and it is awesome and perfect for (almost!) summer!

  2. Amanda- Awesome! Custom Kicks is one of my faves from that collection for sure!