Friday, May 8, 2009

Earth Update: Nail Polish

Animal testing does not usually cross most people's minds when shopping for nail polish, but get the real scoop here. Some animals spend their entire lives cooped up in the dank, smelly cage of a lab only to know that their life will end as a careless experiment. I'm not telling you to stop buying nail polish altogether (no way!) but be conscious of who you buy it from. Details follow:

Nail polish companies that DO NOT test on animals: China Glaze, E.L.F, Seche, Color Club, Essie, Hard Candy, OPI, Orly, Revlon, MAC, Rimmel, Sally Hansen, NYC, Spa Ritual, Avon, Man Glaze, BB Couture For Nails, Barielle, Butter London, Chanel

Nail Polish Companies that DO test on animals: L'Oreal, Covergirl, Max Factor, Lancome, Maybelline

Well, there are a lot of companies that have given up this cruel practice, so it's a start! I hope that other manufacturers take into account how bad what they are doing truly is. You can definitely help too by buying only from the companies that do not test on animals!!! It will help a lot, thanks!

***The information about many of the companies was found at The rest I got by emailing the companies themselves.***


  1. Thanks for this great information! Luckily, the majority of my nail polishes are in the category that DO NOT test on animals. Thanks again!

  2. Olivia C.- I'm glad to hear that! Animal testing is unnecessary cruelty. Keep it up!!

  3. Thanks for the update on this subject. Glad to know everything I use isn't animal tested.

  4. Lucy- That's awesome! You are off to a good start on saving the planet!! :)