Thursday, August 6, 2009

Earth Update: Trash

You probably create more trash than you think. The plastic utensils you get from eating out, paper bags, plastic bags, saran wrap and aluminum foil from a packed lunch, paper napkins, the cups from getting ice cream, shopping bags, etc. Just because these are small things doesn't mean they don't count! All this stuff will still end up in a landfill. To be more eco-friendly, try to be more aware of when you create unnecessary trash. For example, pack your lunch in reusable plastic containers like tupperware. You can also bring your own bag when grocery shopping, and when ordering out? Ask for no plastic utensils! Each little thing really helps, and it's easy!

Thanks and have an "earthy" day!


  1. Smart tip, and easy to accomplish in everyday life :)

  2. Nailgal101- Thanks, hope ya use it!