Sunday, August 16, 2009

Zoya Dare

Yes! Finally my computer (5 days late... sorry!) is fixed! Okay, so happy Friday everyone! Here's the Zoya Dare collection, 5 cool toned cremes and one shimmer. I hope you love this collection as much as I do!

First here is Vanessa. Rich, deep berry red creme. This color is very pretty on nails, it makes whoever wears it look very put together. I'm loving this shade right now, it reminds me of a frozen raspberry.

This is Ciara, a reddish purple creme. This is a much warmer and purpler version of Vanessa. I did not expect to like this one at all but when I put it on... wow! I loved it!! It's just such a flattering color there's not really anything bad to be said. I love surprises and this was no exception!

Next up is Demi which is a fabulous mauvey purple creme. Purple creme, enough said! This is one of my favorites in this collection without a doubt. Many beauty bloggers are a fan of purple cremes and I am so with them. They're just so pretty, what's not to like, right? Demi is ultra fall-like so it fits right in this collection.

This is the stunning Pinta, which is tied with Demi for my fave. Pinta can be described as a deep blue-ish violet creme. This color is super unique, I don't have anything like it at all! This shade to me seems a little more winter-y than fall, but trust me, I can deal! Don't pay attention to the washed out color of my hands, I had to do some photo editing to make the polish color look accurate.

This is the green of the bunch, Envy. I'd call it a blackened moss green, or algae green. Algae makes it sound gross so I guess I'll go with moss. This is super dark, think pine trees at night. On the first coat, the polish looks a little grainy but by the second, it's all gone, luckily. I like this color but I'd prefer it to be slightly lighter to show the world that it's not black, it's green!

Last but definitely not least is the one shimmer here, Ibiza. A deep blue with beautiful small particles of sapphire shimmer. This is what you'd call lit from within, I mean wow! Once you step into the sunlight with this little gem on, it just comes to absolute life! The shimmer is mesmerizing, truly beautiful.

Zoya's two collections for fall were super fun and pretty! The application of all the dare colors were perfect in only two coats. Zoya formula is simply great! So easy to apply.

I love this collection so much!!! What are everyones favorites? Are you as big a fan as I am of these shades?


  1. These are gorgeous on you! Pinta is definitely my favorite!

  2. B- It's so gorgeous! I will be wearing Pinta a lot this season for sure!! I'm sure I'd look great on you :)

  3. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.