Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Polish Of the Day 3/23/10

Here's a new little segment on Polish our Planet, called polish of the day. It allows me to take a break from collection swatching and show you guys some of the colors in my stash that I really like!! Enjoy!

Okay, so my polish of the day is Essie Beach Party. I am not sure if this is discontinued or not but I think you can still find it on the Essie website. Anyway, about the polish! This is a gorgeous pastel pink/peach creme. It is very stark and opaque in three coats, plus it really pops against my skin tone, which I love!! Although the formula was not top notch on this polish, I will obviously still wear it... I mean look! It was streaky on the first coat and semi-globby. This is a very good shade for springtime, it kind of reminds me of an easter egg pink, and would make for an amazing pedi. This shade has a touch of peach in it so it gives your nails that traditional perfect shade, only amped up with some bright white!! One of my favorite pink shades by Essie for sure. Another swatch down below that shows its more pink side.

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  1. Hi, I love your posts! This Essie is such a cute polish. I'm a huge Essie fan, unfortunately it's not easy to find here in Brazil.

    Check it out: www.esmaltadas.com.br That's my blog, it's in POrtuguese, but nail polish is a universal language.

  2. Sica- I checked it out! You have some really beautiful swatches, and great taste in polish! Thanks for showing me, I will be checking back frequently, don't worry. Oh, and thanks for the love!! I really like to hear from you readers :)