Thursday, March 4, 2010

Zoya Flash and Sparkle~ Lookin' Fab!

Hey Everyone! Okay so I just got word about Zoya's upcoming collections, Flash and Sparkle! One collection is made up of cremes, and the other, shimmers. I think they should be great! Here is a description of each color from Zoya:

Zoya Flash Collection

Robyn - perfect turquoise cream
Perrie - soft lavender cream
Dana - american rose cream
Jolene - summer pink cream
Maura - electric crimson cream
Jancyn - soft tangerine cream

Zoya Sparkle Collection

Ivanka - mermaid green sparkling metallic
Charla - tropical blue sparkling metallic
Mimi - royal purple sparkling metallic
Alegra - fuchsia pink sparkling metallic
Nidhi - rich red sparkling metallic
Gilda - fashion pink sparkling metallic

And a photo of each:

What do you all think of these colors? Will they be soon added to you stash?! I'd love to know~

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