Tuesday, May 11, 2010

OPI Shrek Forever After Collection

As I bet you already know, there's another Shrek movie due out in theaters soon, and what other way is there to celebrate it than with a new collection of polish! You will bet that I'll be wearing one of these darling shades when I go see this flick! Sorry that this post is a tad late, but lets get going!! Formula and other ramblings after.

First off, here's Funky Dunkey, a rich grape purple creme, very similar to China Glaze Grape Pop, which I swatched a little while ago. Purple creme, love it! Although it's not totally unique, it's still very gorgeous and flattering on the nail.

Here is What's With the Cattitude? my baby! I love love love this color so much! As I was wearing this one out and about, I got loads of compliments (please excuse the tipwear) and I actually convinced quite a few people to pick it up at the store, it's so stunning! Pictures can truly not do this bright baby blue creme justice, you'll have to check it out! I'll be wearing this one to see the movie, for sure!

Next is Rumple's Wiggin' which is best described as a stark pastel pink-lavender creme. Although that is quite a mouthful, this color is also exceptionally pretty although it had the worst application issues of all of the shades. More on that at the end of the post. Anyway, I'd associate this shade more with Spring, but then again, that may be just me.

Here is the main event shade, Who the Shrek Are You? This is a bright moss-like yellow green shade that inches a tad bit into sewage territory. In my opinion, this shade just doesn't flatter my skin tone, but kudos to OPI for going unique!! This shade actually really does flatter a more fair skin tone as seen on Kelly from Vampy Varnish here.

This little gem I also got tons of compliments on, Ogre the Top Blue! This is like a lighter version of Essie Mesmerize from a few seasons back, but equally stellar of a polish! This color is great for summer without bursting into the neon zone, a total winner!

Last but not least is Fiercely Fiona, which is like a light yellow slightly tinged with some Who the Shrek Are You? green. I really wanted to love this shade too as much as my beloved China Glaze Lemon Fizz but sadly, the green tinge just did not flatter on my particular skin shade. I love this color in the bottle and I really hope that you all have the skin to pull it off, because this one is so pretty and unique!

To the formula spiel! All of these colors were opaque in 2 coats with the exception of Fiercly Fiona, What's With the Cattitude? and Rumple's Wiggin' which were 3. All of the formulas were great and smooth except for my bottle of Rumple's Wiggin which was a bummer. It was a bit on the globby and streaky side--did you all have the same problem too? All I can assume for now is that mine's a bad bottle.

Overall, OPI has WAY redeemed itself in my mind with this unique fun set of cremes! They are all really cool in one way or another, especially Funky Dunkey, What's With the Cattitude? and Ogre the Top Blue. Melikes! You will absolutely not regret picking these shades up, especially creme lovers like myself--holla! Tell me your faves in the comments below, so we can have a little chat!

See you all soon and have an earthy day <3


  1. i love this! i love what's with the cattitude, funky dunkey, and ogre the top blue the most
    keep up the great work! :)

  2. Anonymous- Love those all too! And thanks so much love!

  3. I have to get the blues! So pretty!

  4. Jackie S.- Yea, the blue shades in this set are great!

  5. "Who the shrek are you?" looks like a highlighter! It's HIDEOUS! ;)

  6. Spiderface- Well, everyone has a right to their opinion I guess...