Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Beauty Faves of the Moment: Featuring MAC

Today for Beauty Faves of the Moment, I am sharing with you my purchases at the MAC counter from a couple of weeks ago. I will let you know right now that I am in no way a MAC collector, these were the first two makeup items I have ever purchased from MAC (I know, don't laugh!) and I am so far really loving them! Let's hope MAC makeup isn't going to become next big collection, for my wallet's sake! I really did enjoy both of the products I tried out, though, and I will surely be stopping by the MAC counter again soon to bring home some more goodies :) So let's get to the products:

First off, I got a mineralize Blush Duo from the "In the Groove" Collection in the color Band of Roses. I love this shade! When the two sides of the duo are blended together, it creates a slightly shimmering deep rosy pink, similar to a natural flush. The sheen in this blush is very nice looking once on the cheeks!

Looking all pretty in the box!

The label on the back.

Artificial light and sunlight photos.

Left: The lighter shade in the duo alone
Center: The darker shade in the duo alone
Right: The two shades mixed

Next, I got a Dazzle Lipstick from the "Digi-Pops" Collection. This is a lipstick infused with large pieces of shimmer, which looks great on! This lipstick went on particularly smooth for something that looks so textured and I like the fact that it wasn't a matte finish. I got the color Baby's on Fire; a coral-y red. Don't let the bright red in the tube scare you! It really goes on much lighter, however, it's easy to build up the intensity if you'd like.

The usual MAC lipstick box.

Dazzle lipstick packaging.

Far away and close-up shots.

Left: Lipstick with a peachy gloss over top
Right: Just the lipstick alone

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! I have a question for you all: What is a MAC product that you can't live without that you think I need to get? Tell me in the comments!



  1. I love the lipstick; that looks really interesting. I usually don't like glosses because my hair sometimes sticks to my lips when there's wind, but I like the gloss look--this might be a good alternative. I'm not big on Mac (don't have the moolah for it yet) but my friend gave me a blush and lip gloss as presents recently, and I really recommend the Dazzleglass lipglosses. I have it in the shade "Smile," and it's really pretty. The finish is super glossy!!

  2. Ping- Haha! I don't like the hair/wind/gloss combo much myself either! I will have to check out some Dazzleglasses next time I go to the MAC store, thanks for the suggestion! I love a good lipgloss. <3