Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Earth Update: Air Conditioning and Heating

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, I have been super swamped with, hmm, everything I guess! Well now I have a green tip for everybody that is pretty easy to incorporate into your regular routine. DON'T automatically turn on your AC or heater, check the temperature outside to see if you really need it! It's easy just to let the outside air into your home. I know for a lot of you it's just an instinct to flick the switch on just because it's summertime, but there are exceptions to warm/cold weather all the time.  This can help save a lot of energy.

Thanks and have an "earthy" day!

Oh, this tip was found in a super-cool book called Green Chic!!


  1. Fabulous tip, darling. Although here in Florida, I NEEEED the AC in the car and house. But I do turn it off when I leave the house. :)

  2. B- I totally understand the need for AC so thanks for giving an effort to conserve!

  3. This is the high time to become careful about your consumption. These steps are very important to save this green world.

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  4. Great tips. Thanks a lot for your great insights here.