Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mermaid to Order

Mermaid to Order was released recently in Sephora by OPI's collection called Mermaid in the Shade. Mermaid to Order is a teal blue green sparkly metallic. I think this color is stunning and beautiful but here is one major flaw: the brush strokes!! If you don't already notice them, feel free to enlarge the photo. I found that if you used thinner coats, the brush stokes were not as obvious. Now the formula, well this may be just my opinion. I absolutely hate the shape of the Sephora by OPI brushes. They are long and very skinny, not to mention hard to work with. If the brand is by OPI, I honestly do not get why they did not just stick with the Pro-wide brush! The formula itself was thinner than I had anticipated, a good three (pretty thick) coats to achieve bottle color. I say, good idea Sephora, wrong execution.


  1. That is so pretty on you. I forgot to order it when I made an order last week. Oh well. I wonder if there is a dupe to this. I do like it and I'm not really bothered by the brush strokes.

  2. Lucy- Thank you! I saw a possible dupe to this in a drugstore yesterday by Sally Hansen Insta-dri. I did not buy it though. Maybe you could try it out!