Saturday, June 6, 2009

Zoya "The Fabulous" Midiori

Zoya Midori can best be described as a stunning, medium-toned green chock full of amazing gold shimmer.  This color was released recently in the Zoya Ooh-la-la collection, and I certainly said "Ooh-la-la" when I saw this color! Well, to be more accurate, I gasped and you probably know why.  This color is unique and utterly fabulous. It's very similar, if not a dupe to the highly sought after China Glaze Moonpool. This color had Zoya's signature perfect formula and was opaque in two coats.  The bottom picture is an accurate depiction of the Midori in the sun. This was one of my favorite Zoyas that I recently recieved from the Zoya nail polish exchange. The exchange is cheap to do and when you send in polishes to Zoya, they dispose of them in an eco-friendly way! A win-win! Anyway, this is the perfect addition to my green family and it will definitely be a favorite of mine for a long time.


  1. Very pretty! I wish I had some Zoya polishes. They are so pretty!

  2. I love Midori! It's very similar to Moonpool, for those looking. :-)

  3. I love this color. I got both summer samplers. I have Gabrielle out to do my nails tonight. That's an orange with I think, glass shimmer. Very pretty.

  4. Olivia C- Zoya polishes are quickly becoming one of my favorites. The formula is awesome and the colors are pretty. It's about time you add to your collection! :)

    Amanda- I love it too (as you can tell from my post) ;)

    Lucy- I unfortunately don't own gabrielle but from the swatches it looks stunning!