Friday, September 18, 2009

Having a Blast with Matte About You!

Hey everyone, aren't you glad it's Friday?! Because I sure am, that's for sure! Today I have some super cool swatches with my new favorite matte top coat in the entire world! You may have seen it before but this type of thing never gets old, you ready for it? Introducing, Essie Matte About You!!!

On the left is Orange Marmalade by China Glaze with Seche Vite topcoat and on the right is Orange Marmalade with Matte About You. I decided to swatch Matte About You (cute name!) on top of a glass-fleck shimmer polish. Flakies and shimmer always look great matte! In my humble opinion, this looks awesome!! When you wear this combo and look at it up close, the shimmer, instead of bling-dazzling all over the place, looks as if it's frozen in time! Way cool. Matte about you also dries quickly so be sure to apply a thin, even coat quickly over the entire nail. If you let this topcoat dry in between strokes or take a long time to apply it, there are some extreme lumps and bumps, but it's easily prevented by moving fairly quickly. This top coat is easier to apply than the OPI mattes so it's not a daunting task, don't worry!!

If you hadn't already noticed, my swatches are a little bit different now, but its still me! I think that closer-up swatches allow you readers to get a better look at what's going on with my nails!

If you are still iffy on the whole matte trend, a matte topcoat is a great thing to have. Not only can you test out any color you want matte for the price of one polish, there's no commitment to buying a bunch of new matte shades! Seriously, this thing grows on you, it's so cool to have!

Out of all the other matte topcoats I have tried, this one makes you colors the most... matte. It's not a satin topcoat or one of those other ones, no. This is true matte right here! Essie has done a wonderful job on this product and I think it deserves a special place in every polish fanatic's stash!


  1. Orange Marmalade looks incredible mattefied! :)

  2. flinty- Thanks! Matte about you can make some unexpected colors look incredible, don't you think!! :)