Saturday, September 12, 2009

Orly Once Upon a Time Collection for Fall 2009

Hey everybody, here is the review of Orly's Once Upon a Time Collection. The whole theme of this collection is fairy tales and fantasy so be prepared for some cool color names!!

Here is Prince Charming, a muddy taupe creme. When I first saw this one in the bottle, I immediately though, this is going to look awful on me. Well, shockingly, my fortune telling skills are a but rusty. This color is great, plain and simple! Super flattering, I think anyone could rock this! A chocolate milk color, but in a good way.

Next is Poison Apple, a bright red-orange creme. This is very orangey, much more than some of the other reds released recently. I thought that I wouldn't like this one either but once again I was proved wrong by Orly. I think this color would make a great pedi.
This was a pleasant surprise, gray is back, with Mirror Mirror! Mirror Mirror is a very light gray creme, like pretty cement! This gray is darker than OPI's Moon over Mumbai but lighter that China Glaze's Recycle. This is a good tone for a gray, very seasonally appropriate, and cute too!

Next, here's Happily Ever After, a fabulously elegant beet-purple with light purple shimmer. The theme of this color kind of reminds me of OPI's Overexposed in South Beach, with a little less shimmer and brightness. Nonetheless, I love this one, although it doesn't translate as well into pictures. Trust me on this one, it's cool!

Meet Pixie Dust, a light blue toned gray with flakes of fabulous silver shimmer. This color is absolutely stunning! As Scrangie said, it looks like broken glass on cement, which is just too cool! I have never seen any other color like it before, so unique and pretty. Usually I'm not a fan of shimmering grays but this gem is to die for.

This collection is beautiful! I love all of the colors even though none are super groundbreaking, they are just gorgeous to boot! Formula was good, two coats for all but Pixie Dust, which was three. None of these are shown with topcoat. I love these names of the polishes, so fun!! It's so hard to pick a favorite but Pixie Dust is slowly inching ahead in my book, but the others are right there too. Wow Orly, count me surprised! I didn't expect such cool, fall-like, and stunning shades and wow, I got them! Watch out Fall, my polish wardrobe is getting some new staples :)

Comments, questions, FAVORITE COLORS?! :)

Coming soon: Essie Matte About You

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