Saturday, September 26, 2009

OPI Suede Collection

Hello readers and I hope you are starting off you weekend fabulously! Thank gosh it Saturday though, right? I had a serious case of what I like to call "mega-exaustion" on Friday so lucky for me, weekend break! Here's something to pump up your afternoon, OPI's new Suede collection! This is awesome! The colors are like matte shimmers, way cooler in pictures, so... check them out!

OPI Ink Suede. Just a heads up, with all of my swatches, I put the OPI original color on my middle finger for a comparison. Although it looks like a light blue in this picture, it's actually a darker more rich looking color. I think this is a fabulous suede although it's puzzling it doesn't look more like tho original. Nevertheless, a pretty shade.

OPI We'll Always Have Paris Suede. This is a beautiful soft light purple and anyone could wear this. Although it's purple, OPI kind of turned this into an almost-neutral shade. This goes with pretty much anything, which I love! Once again, there is pretty much no resemblance to the original, but that doesn't make me like it any less!

OPI You Don't Know Jacques Suede, one of the colors that looks like it's original, shiny counterpart! I liked this version of YDKJ a lot but I'm still not as head over heels with at as with the first two, sorry! The suede version is a little bit less muted and gray toned that the original.

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark Suede. This is definitely darker than We'll Always Have Paris Suede and I think I may love it a little bit more! As you can see, the original version is a gorgeous dark vampy, nothing like the suede one. I love both versions of this color to death, they are both absolutely stunning but in totally different ways.

OPI Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees Suede. This medium charcoal gray looks better, in my opinion, than the original. As you may be able to tell, with the original Suzi Skis, it looks nothing like the suede and I had some mega formula trouble including cuticle drag. Enough with the original though, the suede is way better! This would look especially nice on shorter nails!

OPI Russian Navy Suede. Last but certainly not least, this is one of the stars of the collection! This is more bright and beautiful in person, pictures don't do this justice! Once again, pretty much the only resemblance to the original is that they're both blue. But, hey, what's the big deal?! This polish still rocks!! :)

So, my overall opinion? Fabulous colors, cool finish, awesome formula! But the names... why not just make up new color names since they barely look anything like their counterpart? Now that, is seriously puzzling to me.

But that doesn't ruin my love for these totally cool polishes!! They all look great on nails and I think anyone can rock this stuff, even if the matte trend is not your thing!

On application. These are each two coats. The formula on these is slightly thick, which is nice so that there's not any pooling at the cuticles. Once again I'll say ignore the no basecoat warning!!! Just as with the OPI mattes, be sure that your basecoat is completely dry before applying. Aside from that, no issues! Also, these dry fast but not as fast as original OPI mattes. Just apply in as few strokes as possible and is it's uneven, the 2nd coat usually evens it all out in the end.

My concluding thought? I love suede!!

Coming soon: see Suede with Sece Vite topcoat! (pretty cool!)


  1. These swathces are amazing. Great idea of showing the original colour like that and I like it as a mani too!Lincoln Park After Dark is my favourite of the suedes but I don't own any of them yet!

  2. Katie- Thanks so much! Lincoln Park After Dark, I agree, is awesome!! You need to go out and pick up some suedes! ☺

  3. GOREGEOUSSS. :) great job girl!!