Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Earth Update: Hand Sanitizer

Most of you all probably use things to sanitize your hands like that little "Purell" in a bottle. I did to until I met CleanWell All-Natural Hand Sanitizer at Whole Foods (for a complete list of stores CleanWell is sold at, click here.) This little guy is all natural while doing all of the germ-fighting we want. It's plant based, not alcohol based, which makes it have a yummy scent once you put it on too :) Read more below:

The cute bottle!

Close-up on the label...

...and the spraying cap! That's another thing that's unique, it's not a gel formula--this makes the solution last much longer than traditional Purell hand sani.

More info on the product itself on the back label!

I highly recommend that you all go out and pick up one of these little guys to just pop in your pocket/purse when you are on the run. Not only is the whole product eco-chic, it's also a bang for your buck! It contains enough product for over 225 sprays! Let me know if you have tried anything like this down in the comments (I bet not, right!?)

xoxo and have an earthy day!


  1. I've always used Purell; I just buy a huge container and refill my mini bottle, but this sounds pretty interesting too--how much is a bottle?

  2. Ping- Between two and three dollars, if my memory is correct.