Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Essie The Summer Collection 2010 Review

Hey everyone! Sorry I have not been posting photos of polishes in a while but it's summer meaning the following: I am on vacation a lot and I am being more relaxed (which is a nicer version of saying lazy.) So to make up for that at least partly, here is the Essie summer collection--fully swatched and ready to go! Hope you all enjoy and remember to run on down to the comments and tell me your faves :)

Plus ignore my gross cuticles, another reason I haven't been swatching much lately but I bit the bullet for you guys!! <3>

First off here is Demure Vixen, a medium putty-mauve with teeny-tiny particles of red and bright purple microshimmer. The little shimmer in it is what sets this apart but you have to look close for it--hence the shade's name! I put a closeup down below so you can see that shimmer and in my opinion, this is what gives this color the WOW factor. Without that, it's just another mauve. This was a three-coater.

...and the closeup! LOVE!

Next up is this gorgeously pink-toned coral, Haute as Hello! My swatches truly do not do this color justice because in real life it is much less pastel and way more of a "WHA-BAM! In your face!" type of shade. I personally love this one to death, I think it looks great with my skin tone and it would with so many other peoples as well! I got several compliments for the 3 days I sported this guy, one of which was "I think this may have to be one of my favorites on you!" If you are worried about finding a dupe, remember, this one has that fun summer brightness that packs a punch while still far off from neon territory. My style all the way, this is a winner. This was a three coater.

Here is
Miss Matched. I can't say I really get the name of this one. Maybe because a sheer would match with everything? I'm not sure. Anyway, this milky white with a touch or pink sheer is not my style and really not summery. This one also was very watery and gave me some serious cuticle drag. I adore Essie's other sheers way more than this one. This was a three coater.

Following that is my stunning red-orange creme, Vermillionaire! I have already worn this color two times because to me, it is just the perfect summer "whenever" shade meaning it's festive enough for a nice dinner out but flattering enough that you can use it daily. This was a surprise because I thought it was going to be just a plain red... again. I am pleasantly surprised with this deep orange gem which is bright but not neon, like Haute as Hello. This was a three coater.

Right up next is
Knockout Pout, an amped-up bubblegum pink with a jelly-ish texture. I am loving the name of this one, it's so cute!! My swatches look a bit pale for this shade, it's more bright and has more depth than the picture is showing, grr. Anyway, I like this a whole lot more than I was expecting and out of the bottle it looks much better! This would flatter any skin tone and is a cute summer shade. Not groundbreaking, but good looking nontheless! This was a three coater.

Lastly is the stunning shocker of this set, the green (yes you heard that right ESSIE GREEN)
Pretty Edgy!! Oh my gosh I can barely believe what I am seeing. Let me recap for you in case you blacked out there for a sec. This is a gorgeous medium grassy green creme (in an Essie bottle OMG!) that's the perfect tone for summer...and for the rest of the year for me! This is not the type of green that can be confused for black, which I love. It's natural looking and fresh and best of all, anyone can, and will, notice! This is going to be a hit, I can smell it. A "must-have-to-buy-now" for any polish fanatic! LOVE IT! This was a two coater.

Overall, this collection knocked my socks off color wise and formula wise as well. Each of my shades were buttery smooth with the exception of Miss Matched, as I explained earlier. My one final problem was that the brushes are still a bit small for my liking, but nothing that will prevent me from wearing the shades, just an... annoyance you could say.

Essie, if you keep throwing collections out like this, you are really pushing the boundaries the right way--delivering unique colors that are still wearable for a big range of people and are flattering on the nail. All in all, I will be sporting the majority of these shades on my tips way more than once and these are the types of colors that I'll want to whip out, even when the season ends. I highly recommend that anyone who remotely likes nail polish to go and check these out ASAP. These collections are the types that truly turned me into a self-proclaimed nail polish fanatic; I like to really flip when I see the colors come to life on my nails! Thank you, Essie, for a beyond fabulous season!! <3

So, do you all agree? Voice your opinions down in the comments!
Till next time, xoxo.


  1. Demure Vixen looks so awesome! Great swatches!

  2. Ping- Thanks, and yes Demure Vixen is AWESOME!