Monday, August 16, 2010

OPI Swiss Collection Swatches Part 1: The Cremes

Good afternoon readers! Today, I am going to give you all my thoughts on OPI's newest collection for this Fall/Winter: Swiss! All of these colors are Switzerland themed, which gives us no shortage of funny color names! This is just the first half of the collection (I wanted to divide it up) so expect the other half of the collection up soon, keep on checking back for the post! Enjoy and let me know what you think in the comments below!!

William Tell Me About OPI. This is a super deep, rich eggplant color, which I think is perfect for a Fall/Winter set. I personally love this shade and I can see myself wearing it throughout the rest of the calendar year. Might I add that OPI tends to do "vampy" colors, like this, very well!

Color So Hot It Berns. This bright, pure red seems perfect for the holiday season coming up in a few months! Very pretty and flattering on the nail are the first things that come to mind, however, not too unique. I still like this one--it does look quite good on!

I'm Suzi & I'm a Chocoholic. Okay I have a bit to say about the particular shade of this polish. It seems to be a very very red-toned brown but when I looked at it in the shade, it looked like a very deep maroon red. I stepped into the sun and suddenly it looked a whole lot more brown. Very strange, as cremes usually do not change color like that... this seems to be a mystery to me. Anyway, back to the point, although the color-changing does intrigue me, I do not particularly care for this shade.

Just a Little Rösti At This. I'd describe this color as a soft maroon berry, which to me, is perfect for the season! I like this color quite a bit and I think it looks fabulous once on the nail. This would make a very good Fall pedi color as well.

From A to Z-urich. This is just a muted berry red. I compared this to Zoya Burke and although they may look similar they are not dupes, the OPI is a bit darker. About the color... I'm not so sure that this one is really worth a lot of attention. It's not a bad looking color just quite boring.

Ski Teal We Drop. I love that name!! This is a slightly muted dark teal blue which I absolutely love!!! Please pardon the tipwear in the swatches--I'd been wearing it for a while. This is an awesome color for Fall/Winter and I can't wait to wear it more! This is by far a front runner in the collection which I think everyone should pick up; it's lovely!!

All were two coats with very nice opacity and formula! Full collection thoughts in Part 2... stay tuned!



  1. I have the entire collection and at first i loved the shimmers and glitters, but after I saw them in person, I love the cremes just the same! Its a great collection and these cremes look great on your hand ;)

  2. Jackie S- Haha thanks, Jackie! I have the full set and I agree; the cremes look better than expected on the nail!

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  4. These cremes all look lovely! OPI is so good with their creme formula; most of the ones I've tried applies like butter. Can't wait to see the second half of this collection!

  5. maRyya- I did not see your comment in time to vote, I am so sorry!! However I do think that your design was gorgeous :) Good luck hon!

    Ping- I agree! I will get the second half up ASAP but I'm very busy lately! Eeek :P