Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Beauty Faves of the Moment 3/30/10

Here are my beauty faves lately, I can't wait to hear what you all think of them because I am
super impressed by 'em all!

I am seriously loving this right now, my Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette. It looks like this from the outside and is very slim and portable. But inside, oh boy here we go, it's filled with 88 drop dead gorgeous shades from white to black and every color in between. And even more shocking, they don't skimp on quality! Want to know the real reason that makes this palette unbeatable, the price. Shimmer palette is only $19.95 and yes that's so true!! They also have a matte 88 palette, which I will be getting soon :) Here's another pic below of the inside:

The Holy grail!

I've also been loving my Miss Dior Cherie perfume. It smells so delicious and totally appropriate for Spring! Oh, before I continue, random fact: If you haven't noticed lately, I am kind of obsessed with Spring. I don't know why, I usually do not really care about the season change, but I'm so ready for the death of heavy coats already for the season, good grief! Anyway, back to the scent, it's really quite unique! The way Dior describes it as, "a modern fragrance that captures the timeless couture spirit of Dior. A new interpretation of the original Miss Dior fragrance, Miss Dior Cherie combines pure couture spirit with the audacity of youthful, playful notes for a fresh approach to a timeless classic. Notes of chic, green tangerine, violette, and pink jasmine mingle with soft patchouli, musk, and delectably sweet strawberry leaves and caramelized popcorn for a delicious scent that's truly irresistible." Anyway, I am not a perfume expert, but this is a really amazing scent. Check it out!

This is a super cute notebook that I got in a pack of 3 from my local Target recently! Not only is it super-chic, it's totally eco-friendly--- of course that makes it a must have in my book! Check out a photo of the label below.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010


Hello everyone, so I just have a fast and simple question for you all. Would you be interested in me doing some makeup posts and pictures, along with my polish stuff of course, on this blog?

Anyway, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE answer in the comments below. Thanks!!
Or shoot me an email at polish.planet@gmail.com

Oh one last thing. I didn't hear back from a lot of you on the whole "video post" thing. Yay or nay? Do you think it's a good idea or something to pass on?? Please answer and once again, thanks!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Polish Of the Day 3/23/10

Here's a new little segment on Polish our Planet, called polish of the day. It allows me to take a break from collection swatching and show you guys some of the colors in my stash that I really like!! Enjoy!

Okay, so my polish of the day is Essie Beach Party. I am not sure if this is discontinued or not but I think you can still find it on the Essie website. Anyway, about the polish! This is a gorgeous pastel pink/peach creme. It is very stark and opaque in three coats, plus it really pops against my skin tone, which I love!! Although the formula was not top notch on this polish, I will obviously still wear it... I mean look! It was streaky on the first coat and semi-globby. This is a very good shade for springtime, it kind of reminds me of an easter egg pink, and would make for an amazing pedi. This shade has a touch of peach in it so it gives your nails that traditional perfect shade, only amped up with some bright white!! One of my favorite pink shades by Essie for sure. Another swatch down below that shows its more pink side.

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Zoya Reverie Video-Review!

For Spring, Zoya hit us with a collection of six beautiful shimmers with duochrome. I would call this the perfect example of a unique spring collection. Let me explain.

So, recently I was thinking, "we need to get some new spring staples, but what would they be?" Zoya has me scratching my head no longer, this is genuis! Another thing that is so spectacular about this collection is that each color is so wearable. And the formula? Couldn't better!

(All were 2 coats but Adina was 3)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Beauty Faves of the Moment 3/10/10


Hey all and welcome to a new occasional segment here on Polish Our Planet called Beauty Faves of the Moment! Basically I'll just tell you what I have been loving lately and a little bit about the products! Just a heads up, I am absolutely NOT being paid or sponsored by any of the companies mentioned in this segment, it's all honest opinions from yours truly! So let's get into it!
First up are these lovely OPIs (from left: Absolutely Alice and Mad as a Hatter) from the new OPI Alice in Wonderland Collection! If these babies have not caught you attention yet then, hello? You have GOT to check them out!! They are packed full of fun combinations of glitter perfectly inspired by the new movie, and what can I say? I'm a sucker for some blingin' nails (don't get me wrong, I'm a creme lover too) and these do NOT disappoint! They are sold out now everywhere around me, so snatch these up while you can!!! Swatches soon :)
Next, I have a non-nail product to show ya, hence the name "Beauty Faves of the Moment." It's Prime Time by Bare Escentuals and this cool little click pen squeezes just the right amount of primer onto my eyelids! What's an eye primer? Well, this one prevents creasing, makes every color applied on to last ALL DAY and it makes any eyeshadow you put on more vibrant! It's just awesome, what else can I tell you? Most every morning, I click the applicator one or two times and then smear a dollop of it on each of my eyelids and up to the browbone. Then I use the spongy tip to delicately blend the primer into my skin and right after that, apply my usual eyeshadow. Voila! That's all there is to it!! To be honest, I didn't even test this one out before buying, I just took my friend's word for it being awesome! Luckily, she was right :)
Now, back to a nail product. This is non-acetone "Instant Polish Remover" from my local drugstore--CVS. Well, just the name alone instantly intrigued me along with the interesting packaging. I was running low on polish remover anyways so I picked it up for a test-out. FYI, I never really buy my remover at salon stores. Although it may work well, it's far too pricey for me... I'd rather spend that money on the polish colors themselves! Anyway, back to the product. So, I opened it up and saw this spongy thing inside with little holes in it... weird! What you are supposed to do is stick a cotton ball in one of the holes and lightly moisten it with the liquid below. (Or, as I tried, stick your fingers in the holes and rub them around a bit, whatever directions!) What I found out was this remover works just as well as acetone (or better), without parching my cuticles! A must have from now on! And remember... from the drugstore!!

Lanterns!! Who couldn't love them? Especially these that I picked up in Chinatown recently with my friends. I can't wait to hang these up in my room for decorations! More pics below.

So, I hope you all enjoyed this post, not my usual. Swatching has been tough because of the rain lately. I like all my swatches to be done in natural light, it's a much better depiction of the color.

Anyway! Follow me on this blog and comment! I love to hear from you guys. Best of luck with surviving the last bit of winter and have an earthy day!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Zoya Reverie Preview!

Here's my box of the new Zoya Reverie Collection for Spring 2010!! These look gorgeous! Each has a touch of gold reflecting shimmer (and a hint of awesome duochrome!!) which turns out amazing on nails!

Sorry for the super low-quality picture, but I HAD to show you guys like... ASAP! It was taken on my webcam instead of my regular camera.
Left to right: Lana, Gwin, Happi, Reece, Adina, Laney

SWATCHES SOON! Don't worry :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Zoya Flash and Sparkle~ Lookin' Fab!

Hey Everyone! Okay so I just got word about Zoya's upcoming collections, Flash and Sparkle! One collection is made up of cremes, and the other, shimmers. I think they should be great! Here is a description of each color from Zoya:

Zoya Flash Collection

Robyn - perfect turquoise cream
Perrie - soft lavender cream
Dana - american rose cream
Jolene - summer pink cream
Maura - electric crimson cream
Jancyn - soft tangerine cream

Zoya Sparkle Collection

Ivanka - mermaid green sparkling metallic
Charla - tropical blue sparkling metallic
Mimi - royal purple sparkling metallic
Alegra - fuchsia pink sparkling metallic
Nidhi - rich red sparkling metallic
Gilda - fashion pink sparkling metallic

And a photo of each:

What do you all think of these colors? Will they be soon added to you stash?! I'd love to know~