Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Update: Ocean Warming

I recently visited the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. It was an amazing experience and I brought back a few facts about the environment. Listen to this:

"Global Warming should be called ocean warming as more than 80% of the added heat resides in the ocean." -California Academy of Sciences

Wow, I have never thought about it that way before. No wonder so much of the world's ice is melting. I will be back soon to update about more ways to help. Until then, feel free to research about it, tell your friends, and contact me! 

One more thing, the movie Earth has come out today! It looks amazing and here's the best part. Disney will plant a tree for every ticket bought on opening week! Good deal, I'll be there and hopefully, you will too!

Oh, I forgot to say Happy Earth Day!!


  1. I really want to see the Disney Earth looks interesting!

  2. Hi Earth Girl,
    You should try Zoya. We are in the middile of our great Zoya Earth Day Nail Polish Exchange (now thru June 1st) See us on the the CBS early show (link on top of page). Email us at AOBblogger@gmail if you need more info.

  3. I love Zoya! I will for sure be doing this exchange, thanks for the info!!

  4. hey Polish Earthgirl!
    I am in love with that gunmetal color! it's absoloutely glorious! I always thought darker colors would look TOO dark on my skin tone because let's just say I'm not the tannest person in he world...(white as a ghost)! But I don't think it would look bad on me if I tried! Keep on posting! Ur the only blogger I feel like I can relate to! Thank you!

  5. Anonymous- Thanks you so much, that just made my day!!! I'm really glad that you enjoy Polish Our Planet!