Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Oh So Glam!

White with gold shimmer is one of my absolute favorite shades in polish. Oh So Glam! by OPI definitely explains my passion. The upper picture does not fully show the gold shimmer so check out the smaller pic. This is four coats of color and one coat of essie good to go topcoat (the best!). Four coats is a lot but it's so worth it! Application was a dream, smooth and nice shape of brush. I'm not quite sure whether it was supposed to be sheer or not, but it looks fabulous as an opaque color. 


  1. Have you tried Zoya's Gaia? It takes four coats, but it's GORGEOUS! It's a white with gold shimmer, too.

  2. I have seen swatches of it but don't own it personally :( You are right, it's fabulous!!

  3. Happy Earth Day! This looks so pretty on you!