Friday, April 17, 2009

Earth Update: Recycling Part 1

Recycling. I bet everyone here has heard that before, its not a very creative way to save the world but its extremely important. I just had kind of a newsflash about it let's see... 5 minutes ago. I was typing a list up and I printed it out. Only one thing missing, the title. I had to put in the title and re-print the entire page. As I was reaching for the garbage, though, I though "Hey, I can just use the back of the sheet!" It wasn't for work or anything so why not!? After printing the page again, I noticed a spelling error, a real pain. I fixed it and reprinted, on a separate sheet of paper. After that I found a few more errors and had to go through the tedious process of fixing them, which was a waste of my time but also a great learning experience (that sounds cheesy!)

Just think, I bet that happens to countless amounts of people every day and probably most of them do NOT use the backs of their sheets or recycle. Think of how many trees are lost from nature because of our mistakes! You can't help making errors but when you do, use the backs of pages and recycle! It will make a world of a difference!!!


  1. I've been using the back of paper for a long while. I just have to remember to take it out when I need a good copy. I also cut up paper to use for scrap. I have tons of it. I can't bear to throw out paper. My Mom used to do this from when I was little. She always left us notes everyday. I make lists for the grocery store on them. I also keep them by the computer so I can write a website down or anything I need to remember. That way I don't use good paper for something I'm going to throw out.

  2. Lucy- Wow, impressive!! I love that you are really doing a lot to be good to the planet! That is awesome! :)