Friday, April 24, 2009

Overexposed In South Beach

Overexposed In South Beach is a fun dark magenta. The lower picture is more accurate color-wise, it's darker and allows you to see the amazing shimmer. Many polishes that have fabulous shimmer inside the bottle fail to show up as brilliant on the nail. This baby is an exception! From the South Beach collection (OPI's spring/summer 2009) this was definitely one of the standouts for me. The picture is two coats of color and topcoat. Now moving on to the formula, it was smooth but the brush was very strange. It had the OPI signature Pro-wide brush but mine was extremely flat. It was a challenge to get the polish onto my pinkie nail without looking like I finger-painted my hands. I will deal with problems, though, if it means wearing a stunning color like this!


  1. This one's gorgeous, it looks lit from within.

  2. Thanks, it really does. Especially in sunlight!

  3. Thanks so much Olivia! It's my type of color, thats for sure :)