Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 3) The Shopping.

This morning I got up at a fairly reasonable hour, which is a big improvement since yesterday—my time zone senses are adjusting already!! The weather was looking sunny and I was excited to get up for the day.

I actually rode on down the street to Harvard square, to shop for a couple of hours while my relatives were out running errands. I was super excited to shop once we drove on into the square; the stores all looked super-cute!! I first stopped in The Tannery. Now, there are two “Tanneries” in the square, and one of which is more focused on older things and shoes. That is the one I immediately scoped out--and guess what I found. Forty-nine dollar jeans! Not just any jeans, well-made designer jeans!! I am not one who’s totally brand conscious, but I know that these jeans are super comfy, cute, and normally crazy expensive!! I tried on a few and settled for a pair of light wash Seven Jeans.

My proud first purchase!

Next I headed over to a little shop called Black Ink. This shop basically carries a ton of fun little trinkets and such, all for a ridiculously expensive cost. I was hanging out in the store for quite a while lusting over all of these cute little things that I’d probably never use but I settled on buying two cute greeting cards—for a total of $7, wow. Anyway, this is a local thing so I was glad, nonetheless, to have bought them.

Then I picked up a postcard for my friend and walked over to Starbucks for a little drink. Caramel Frappuchino with no whip, please!

After, I headed over to the Urban Outfitters (the one in Harvard Square is quite nice) and after I spent quite a bit of time in LUSH Cosmetics (which are all handmade—love!) and made a few yummy smelling purchases! Although these two stores are chains, I had actually never been to an Urban Outfitters before and my local LUSH is very inconvenient to get to, making these shops must-visits in my book.

Overall, shopping was a lot of fun. Harvard Square is great for that type of thing! Be careful you don’t get lost, though! The streets are a bit confusing for a “foreigner” like myself!

After that, I went to the Galleries in SoWa (South of Washington Ave.) with one of my relatives. We spend some time looking at the beautiful galleries, here are just a couple.

Here is a shop/gallery called Bead+Fiber. This place has such nice people that work here, and they offer classes for anyone!

This place, GALVIN-ized Headwear, has amazing hats! They are each handmade in the store!!

For a late lunch/snack, I stopped at this fun little café, which serves a delicious artichoke and orzo salad. I was going to take a photo, but I had eaten it all by the time I remembered!

Then it started to rain. Boo!! Luckily, though, it cleared up quickly after.

Miscellaneous photos:
My skirt print today! Very summery, I think!! I paired it with a cuffed sleeved light-gray blazer, and a pale green tee with a pink cami underneath.

On the way to the gallery. Beautiful buildings!

Harvard campus!

Little Decota on my lap :)

That’s day 3, hope you all stick around for the rest of ‘em! And tomorrow, something is going to change ;)