Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day 5) The Excuse / The Party.

Hey everyone! If you didn't already notice, this post is extremely late. I, once again, failed to get Wi-Fi on the island. Anyway, this post is gonna be shorter than usual, for lack of photos and such.

Click the pics to make 'em bigger!

This morning it stormed massively. I sat there watching the lightning and the crazy rain for quite some time this morning. Although this sounds weird, it was quite fun.
Right after storm.

20 minutes later--clearing up.

Then we began to set up for a party for one of our close friends here on the island. It was kind of a surprise but it was cancelled from happening at a local pool because of the weather. We set up a little gathering complete with candles and cupcakes!


Little ducks in the yard!!!! CUTE!

See you all later with a real post tomorrow! Promise!


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