Saturday, June 5, 2010

Day 4) The Ferry.

Okay I’m going to warn you all ahead of time: EXCUSES ALERT, EXCUSES ALERT! All right, now that that’s out of the way, this post is up pretty late because this morning and last night, I was having serious trouble finding Wi-Fi to work with. But now, it’s all good!

So this morning I woke up nice and early (wow, for once!) and ate blueberry pancakes with my younger cousin before she went to school for the day. They were delicious!! Then, I rushed to shower, get all ready, and pack for the weekend! Yes, you heard that right, packing…again. I am going to be spending the weekend on Martha’s Vineyard with some other family, which is exciting!

Oh, and as always, click those pictures to make them bigger!!

I had to convert this massive suitcase...

...into this little baby for the weekend.

Blurry shot of the busy bus station.

Pics I took on the bus:

The ride was about two hours and perfectly comfortable. I called some family and friends that I hadn’t talked to much, or at all, since I left for this trip, just to catch up!

When I arrived at the ferry station, I grabbed a quick lunch at Pie in the Sky, a little place around the corner. They were super nice, and even let me charge my cell phone! Here are some pics that I took at Wood’s Hole:

This cute little mini-bag of potato chips!

My yummy sandwich!

Then, I boarded the ferry and had quite a good time snapping photos of the gorgeous water, scenery, and the beautiful day!

Bye bye Wood's Hole!!

This seagull was flying awfully close...

Hello Martha's Vineyard~

I arrived and met the family, settled into the house I’ll be staying in, and hit the beach for a bit! I unfortunately forgot my camera at the house, but I took way too many photos on the ferry, so it evens out!

I went for a walk down Main Street in Vineyard Haven, where I’m staying, and was intrigued by a cute little shop called Rainy Day. I picked up quite a few things for a surprise birthday party, that’s happening tomorrow, for a friend! It’s going to be a lot of fun, I’ll keep you guys up to date on that.

Talk to you all later!! xoxo


  1. Wow the water is gorgeous! It reminds me of the water I saw in Monte Carlo that was crystal clear :)-

  2. Anonymous- The water was so nice! And Monte Carlo, that sounds pretty fab! :)