Friday, July 24, 2009

China Glaze Retro Diva... 3 Colors

For fall this year, China Glaze released the Retro Diva collection. These color palette for these shades is all reminiscent of the 70's decade. They are all super fun and chock full of tiny particles of shimmer, which I love! I have three colors from this collection; Skate Night, Let's Groove, and Short and Sassy.

Here's Skate Night, a light red shimmer with some purple tones. I wasn't too excited about this color but once it was on my nails my opinion changed. This to me just says "Fall!" I would NOT put it in the totally unique category but I WOULD put it in the cute, flattering, and "I will wear this" category.

Next is Let's Groove. I love purples and this is definitely a standout! I would describe this shade as a stunning dark purple loaded with multicolored shimmer. If you look super close in the picture, you can see that the shimmer is not just purple, but blue and red too! Another thing I love about this color is that when the sun hits it, it just shows you that the color has it SO much depth to it. I guess you could say it's lit from within!

Last, Short and Sassy, my deep cranberry-esque shimmer. Like Let's Groove, I found that this color has that lit from inside thing going on! Totally cool and pretty, I find that when that's the case, I can't stop staring at my hands!! This color especially says fall to me, I think it's because it reminds me of cranberries at Thanksgiving!

Each of these polishes were perfect, formula wise, and were swatch ready in two coats.

These few colors got me a good taste of this collection and I absolutely love it!! What makes these colors so cool is that shimmer. The small particles gives each of the colors so much intensity and depth. They are truly luminous! China Glaze also did a great job of making unique shades that you'll still want to keep wearing over and over again this fall season!


  1. kittyluvscolor- Thanks, I love them too! :)

  2. Martha's Vineyard DivaJuly 27, 2009 at 12:23 PM

    I am so impressed with your blog. I love the way you describe the colors -- it makes me want to rush out and buy these. I really love your concern about the environment, too. I look forward to more tips!!!

  3. This blog is amazing. I'm adding it to my "check every day" list of websites. You are a goddess!

  4. Martha's Vineyard Diva- I'm so glad you enjoy my blog, and there are definitely more tips to come! :)

    Anonymous- Wow, thank you!!!!! I try to update the blog often with new colors and eco tips. So glad you enjoy it and you just made my day!!!! xo