Sunday, July 19, 2009

Rescue Beauty Lounge Other Colors (Finally!)

Okay, I've talking all about my new Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes for a while now, and here are the rest of them (finally!!)

Here is Recycle, which gets the honor of being called one of (if not my favorite) greens EVER! It's a deep forest green creme which applies like a dream. I love cremes in general and Rescue Beauty Lounge just has this way of making their cremes into fabulous, easy to apply, fashion statements. Perfection!

Next is Under the Stars, a navy blue infused with a lighter blue shimmer/glitter. I say shimmer/glitter because it's almost too thick and defined to be shimmer, I think of shimmer as being completely part of the polish, this stands out. This color is unique and really captures the my idea of the night sky.

Last, is Purple Haze. This cool toned vivid light purple is a stunner, it's not your average lavender, thats for sure. What makes this color special is the tone it's given; it's too dark to be a lavender but too light to be called just purple. I am shocked at how RBL turned a light purple into an edgy-cool color!

Each of these shades applied like a dream and were perfect in 2 coats. My pictures are shown without topcoat.

Rescue Beauty Lounge, in my opinion, is pretty much perfect. They have unique, fun, fashion forward, flattering, cutting-edge, contemporary colors and if that's not enough, they combine them with flawless and I mean FLAWLESS application. I'm always pleasantly surprise by RBL and I doubt that will change anytime soon.


  1. i love these colours very pretty

  2. Nailz-In-Aus- I love them too, thanks!

  3. Recycle is really pretty, Purple Haze is really unique looking.

  4. clockwork- I love RBL cremes... sigh.

  5. I love Recycle! I adore green polish. How could this not be a favorite of yours! Love the other two shades. They are all pretty on you. I do love RBL cremes. They look so perfect.

  6. Lucy- I adore Recycle too! RBL polishes are perfection :)