Thursday, July 9, 2009

Essie Summer 2009

For Essie's Summer 2009 collection, they chose to do a "soft palette of corals and nudes, with bursts of bright pinks and oranges to compliment the warm feeling of the season"

That description sounds pretty accurate but they left out a key part; sheers!!! They put 2 sheers in this collection, which is kind of a lot out of 6 colors. Here is my take on this collection.
First up is Funny Face. It's a cool-yet-bright flamingo pink, a barely purple pink! This color is cute and fun, like most of the colors in this collection. What you see here is 2 coats of color.
Here's Luscious Lips, the first of the sheers. It's a pale milky warm pink, that could easily be worn with just one coat (if you want the totally sheer look.) Here on my nails is 3 coats, you can still see through it slightly. It's a very subtle shade that makes your nails look super perfect and clean from afar.
Take a look at the second sheer in the collection, Not Just a Pretty Face. A milky sheer nude, more nude that Luscious Lips. This is 3 coats and you can still see a little of my nail through the color. This color is not for me, it's not ugly, but it's not for me. I think that fairer skinned girls can rock it!
Here's the bright bubblegum pink shade, Lovie Dovie. This shade makes me think of cotton candy. It's very playful and girly. Lovie Dovie was surprisingly pigmented, complete coverage in 2 coats!
Here is Cute As a Button, my personal favorite of the bunch! It's a light pink-toned coral creme which screams "cutesy". Although it's not a jaw dropping color it is wearable and flattering, especially for the summertime.

Last is Chubby Cheeks. This color was extremely hard to photograph correctly. In real life it is more coral-ish and less orange. I'd describe it as a warm reddish-coral creme. This is 3 coats of color.

The formula for these on the most part was fantastic!! The only color I had some slight trouble on was Luscious Lips. It kept pooling in at my cuticles. Hmmm, was it just me? The colors were not streaky like some Essie's in the past, which made the colors easy to apply.

I liked most of the colors but to be honest, nothing blew me away. The shades are cute and flattering which is definitely a plus but I wanted to love these as much as the North Fork shades!

To sum it up this is a cute and wearable summer collection full of "staple colors" as Scrangie said. I am still very happy that I own these shades and I will be sporting some of them over the summer.

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  1. I like Cute As a Button and Chubby Cheeks. The others are pretty also. I'm not that crazy for sheers. I have enough pinks. They all look pretty on you.

  2. OMG! I love all of them!