Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Earth Update: Whiteboards

Most people communicate with people in their home by leaving notes on paper that say for example; I went out to the store! Be back in 1 hr! A way to turn this into a non-paper-wasting process is to leave these short little messages on a whiteboard instead of a post-it note! Because these notes are so short, writing it on a paper is a huge waste of materials while a whiteboard can be used forever. A whiteboard is also convenient as it can fit almost any place in your home!

That's your tip from me today and I hope you can incorporate it into your lifestyle! Have an "earthy" day!


  1. That is a great idea. I use scrap paper. I'm always cutting out paper that's still useable. My Mother always did it and now I do it. I'm at least trying to use it all instead of throwing it away.

  2. Lucy- Scrap paper works just as well! Snaps to you for doing you part! :)