Sunday, July 5, 2009

Excuses/ Half of Essie Neons

Well first off let's just say... Happy Belated Independence Day!! I know posting over the past week has been very very very (need I say more?) slow. I was on vacation so I only got a quick chance to sneak over to the computer and post. Apologies aside, my vacation brought back some great surprises for you!! I went to New York as part of the trip so of course I had to hit up Rescue Beauty Lounge! I brought back some goodies that I can not WAIT to show ya! This post is long overdue... the Essie neons! Well, half of them. I only chose to get Flirty Fuchsia and Perky Purple, as those were my favorites on the website (which this explains my title of this post!) Ugh! I'm making excuses again!! Anyway, to the reviews and pics!!

First up is Flirty Fuchsia. This is a bright pink neon and I mean like day-glow-I-need-to-wear-sunglasses neon. The color itself is not what I am ordinarily drawn to but I will admit, it's showstopping!! This picture is shown with topcoat, as both of these neons tend to dry slightly matte. The formula was good, three coats gave me complete coverage.

Next is Perky Purple. To be completely honest... this color ROCKS!! I really like purple neons as they flatter most every skin tone and are bright but not too overwhelming. This one as you can tell was my favorite. It's slightly darker in real life and it took only two coats to completely cover the nail.

Essie, the verdict is in. Fab job!! I hope that Essie's future collections are as daring as this one because the risk paid off! These neons shades are perfectly summery and fun to wear!

Coming soon: Essie summer 2009 collection!!


  1. Girl, get your vacationing on! Can't wait to see your RBL haulage. I have Perky Purple and LOVE it!

  2. B- What can I say, I love vacation! I can't wait to post about the RBLs too. :)

    Miss Yaya- Same, especially this collection!

  3. These are two beautiful colors. Look pretty on you. I will be ordering both of them. Can't wait to see what RBL polishes you bought us!

  4. Lucy- Thanks, I love 'em too! RBL polishes coming soon, stay tuned!!