Friday, July 31, 2009

Earth Update: Cleaning Supplies Part 2

Several days ago, I posted about the importance of using eco-friendly cleaning supplies. I got some awesome reader feedback and some new, super-smart ideas! I totally took them to heart and I think you will too. Check them out:

Cincinnati Femme said- I'm so glad you mentioned bleach. Some folks actually mix bleach with other chemicals and can end up with chemical pneumonia. Really dangerous! Plus, my son has asthma, so I know how important it is to use natural products. I'll take a look at Green Works. Here's a tip: Use rubbing alcohol to clean the scum in your tub. It also works on mirrors, too. The vinegar and water combination works too, as you said. That's a great tip. Thanks!

Natalie said- I like your blog!
Here are a few tips for all-natural cleaning, the next step after natural cleaners:
Clean your windows and mirrors with water or vinegar (water really works well).
Use your vinegar as a cleaner/deodorizer in the bathroom and kitchen.
Fill a bowl half with water and a generous amount of vinegar. Put it on high in the microwave for a few minutes. The steam it generates should make any messes inside easy to wipe off and deodorizes it too!
Use baking soda to get baked on stains off of glassware/Corningware.
Used coffee grounds also can be used as a scrubbie.
Clean stained mugs by making a paste of water and baking soda (also works well).

I don't know about you but seriously, these readers went to the next level on earth-friendly cleaning!! I am SO impressed and best of all, I learned some new things too!

A special thanks to Natalie and Cincinnati Femme, you rock!

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