Thursday, April 15, 2010

All About Dazzle-Dry!

So I recently received some goodies from Dazzle Dry (a nail polish company), A 3pc Kit including Nail Prep, Base Coat, and Top Coat. I review the whole system and walk you through how it works from start to finish in the video below. I also put more info and pictures below taken of this cute kit! Enjoy!

One thing that's super cool about this company is that it's eco-friendly and vegan! Always a super-big plus in my book!! It's also the only polish currently on the market thats Nitrocellulose free, which is a big chemical. Cool or what?! Pictures below...

The super-cute packaging!

What the system promises (WOW!)

The easy-to-follow instructions on the back of the box

And a video on how to use the system! I went through the whole thing for the first time on camera, and I'm sharing it with you guys!


  1. This one looks like a good product! I like that it is eco-friendly.

  2. baby cribs- It's pretty cool, and the eco-friendly is deff is plus!!