Saturday, April 3, 2010

Color Club Rebel Debutante Collection

Here is the Color Club Spring 2010 Collection- Rebel Debutante. I can't really pinpoint any common theme throughout this collection except that they are all cremes of some sort. Sorry that my swatches are not the best right now, my current rainy weather forbids me to swatch outside! So sad... Please please cope with me though, this is the last of bad indoor swatches, I will be fixing my indoor situation soon *cue "yayyy" sound effects!* To the swatches! Colors first, formula after.

Uptown Girl: Muted purple creme. A bit more purple then my swatch shows, sorry!! This is very reminiscent of OPI's Parlez Vous OPI? from a few season back. A pretty shade, but not so...
unique if you know what I mean. Pretty and wearable but not fresh or exciting really.

Best Dressed List: I surprisingly like this sandy medium tan creme on me, although I hate most colors of this type! It must have different undertones but I can't quite put a finger on what they are. Anyway, this is a nice neutral shade for Spring, perfect for paring with a floral dress or a fun super-accessorized outfit.

Gossip Column: This shade is a dark teal blue that looks a touch lighter in person. It reminds me of China Glaze Shower Together from AGES ago! Remember that one? Very similar but I'm afraid better than this version. Back to the post, this is not an ugly color, but not unique or pretty enough for me to go drooling all over myself. Just a "meh" color.

Charity Ball: Okay, this color is not true to life AT ALL here. It's much less of a diseased poop shade and more of a deep burgundy chocolate. I just had to throw that out there. Anyway, even in real life it's kind of a "huh" color. Dark browns in spring, you said what?? Yea, and it's not the most flattering of all colors either. Sorry, not a winner.
She's Soooo Glam: A mod-like easter egg pink, only vamped up a notch in brightness! This sure is one blazing polish, girl! Super bright on nails, although it doesn't look it in the bottle. A unique snowflake for a pink polish, and I like it!
Ms. Socialite- I like this one. It doesn't look totally stellar in the bottle but on nails it just brightens up and comes to life, baby! Super pretty and totally fitting for Spring's bright and fun vibe. A keeper for sure!!
Rebel Debutante: The namesake color of the collection. A very soft and sweet spring green creme, yet extremely neon at the same time! This one is a very unique color but I am not so sure I am in love with the color... not yet anyways. What do you all think of it? I either love it or really hate it, I can't decide. Weird, but true!

Okay just realized I forgot to swatch two colors! Aaaahh, my fault, so sorry! They will be up in the next Polish of the Day post, so don't fret!!

On formula. Okay, I am assuming that I got a bad batch because mine were very thick, but also really like to pool at my cuticles. Not cool or fun for me, just a pain. These were all three coaters, or else they were not even or opaque completely. The formula kind of ended up making me a little mad during swatching, it was so hard to get on even remotely normal looking for most of 'em! All I can assume is that I got a bad bunch. And a heads up, I experienced some extreme chipping on these, after 1 day of wear! (see first swatch)

Anyways, there are a few colors worth picking up, but I'm not sure if it's really worth all that much fuss.

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