Thursday, April 8, 2010

Earth Update: My Day at the Beach

So, pretty recently, I was walking along the beach not too far from my home, having a good relaxing day with my brother. The weather was great and the day was a beautiful one. Almost as soon as I was starting to float off to daydream-land, I spotted something out of the corner of my eye. No slower than the time it took me to turn my head, I was slapped back into reality with the cold, unwelcoming sight of...


Really? How lazy can people be? Well, I sure saw it for myself. Suddenly the trip had taken a more serious turn. I looked at my brother and promptly decided that we were going to pick up all of the trash. Yup, you heard me, every single piece of trash we found on the beach. Almost as soon as I had taken another step in the sand, my eyes begin to feast on, well...



and even this. Although it's nasty and covered with algae, I picked it up and threw it into our pile, which we carried to a nearby trash can.

This little assortment of some of the garbage we found on the beach may be pretty, or even dubbed "artsy" if it wasn't made up solely of gross scum that lazy people refuse to pick up. What on earth makes people think that they are so beyond important that they have no place *gasp* picking up their own trash! I have yet to think of one good reason that littering is okay and is acceptable, to do. Well feel free to open my eyes if there's something that I'm, well, missing.

"Well, it's the animal's fault if it eats the trash and chokes. Yeah! I mean, umm, it should know better not to get near it!"

"Well, umm, it won't stay there forever right? Pssh, yea seriously, it will find its way into the trashcan. Or better yet the ocean, yeahh! I will never have to see it again if it just floats on away, I mean..."

"Come on. Like one piece of trash will ruin the ENTIRE beach. Um, yea, I didn't think so either."

"Somebody who is into that type of thing... umm, cleaning, and umm... caring for the earth and whatever, will pick it up for me, like they have no life anyways... so, yeaa."

Well, I picked up all of this trash. And there I am, putting handful one into the trash can! No, I do not do this to make the litterers feel like picking up their own stuff isn't their job. I do it for one simple reason. To help our earth. I encourage you all to do the same. (And in style too! Check out my China Glaze polish in Something Sweet!)

Thanks so much for reading and have an "earthy"day. <3