Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Hello everyone and Happy Earth Day! From reading this blog, you know I'm quite passionate about the environment. I read some amazing tips for a greener lifestyle here so click if you'd like to read more. I'm going to do a special post for the occasion, so here we go!

Eco-polish award: Dazzle Dry and Zoya!
Not only is Dazzle Dry big 3 free, it's also nitrocellulose free (a chemical) and the only polish that is, currently! And Zoya, being big 3 free as well, is also free of camphor and it's vegan! Woot, woot! Not to mention the original creator of the polish exchange, a super-green practice!

Laziness vs. Green!
Well, I wanted to tell you guys quickly that being green is not as easy as some make it out to be, I know. But, if we all are passionate about it and know how much our planet REALLY needs it right now!! I know it can be tiring composting away, as well as walking downstairs to the recycle bin! This is just a little blurb saying, WE CAN DO IT!

Green tips!
1) Reduce your general intake of, well, stuff! Reducing is much of the equation. Here's an example, buy not purchasing that pack of makeup brushes online (that you may not really need) you are saving: gas emissions being created from shipping, extra gas emissions from the factory, a large box, tons and tons of styrofoam pacing peanuts, plastic that it's wrapped in, etc!

2) Bring your own tupperware to restaurants! If you want to take your meal home, just put it in that instead of using a styrofoam box, yuck!

3) Garage sale! Instead of throwing out your old things, they may become somebody else's treasure! Or, ahem, not wind up in a landfill...

4) Eat in, not take out! Think of all the extra trash created, just from getting a take-out meal as opposed to eating at the place. Well, plastic utensils, plastic boxes, extra napkins you probably don't need, and a big paper bag! Well, that's an awful lot if you ask me.

5) Unplug, unplug, unplug! Anything that's not in use, unplug, or shut down as opposed to "sleep" mode. I'm quite bad at this one, my laptop always is on sleep mode, but I'll try to stop! And those chargers hanging out off the wall, without a cell phone attached? Got to go!

So everyone, I hope you embrace Earth Day and not just think of it as a single day, but a reminder to all of us that this is what we should be conscious of EVERY day. Until next time, have an earthy day <3


  1. The Tupperware idea is a great idea!

  2. Jackie S.- Thanks! Test it out, tell your friends, everything counts!