Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Zoya Sparkle Collection

Hello everybody and today I am here to show you all the fabulous Zoya Sparkle collection for summer 2010. It is one in a two-part collection (Flash and Sparkle) so Flash will be coming up soon. I did a short, short video which gives a more accurate depiction of the colors but I still wrote a normal extensive review. You can watch it if you like right here below. Enjoy!

Now the normal review:

Ivanka. This sparkling glass fleck is chock full of gorgeous multi-dimensional "flakie" shimmer, as is every color in the collection. I'd describe this shade as a light-ish emerald green with hints of deep blue, although that doesn't show up on the nail--just the green. This color is so amazingly pretty and very wearable for a green I'd say. I'm glad that the super dark greens have begun to fade out of season, I love it when people can actually tell I'm wearing green and not black!

Charla. When I see this color, one word comes to mind. MERMAID!! Isn't it though? A mermaid blue sparkling glass fleck that slightly resembles that absolute perfect tropical ocean you see on a photoshopped postcard. Aaahh, I can feel the sand in my toes already. Back to what I was saying, I love this color too! The mixture of shades within the bottle of polish is simply mind boggling and you would have to see it in person. Outstanding!

Mimi. This shade is a deep royal purple sparkling glass fleck and boy, is this a rich shade or what!? The flaky shimmer in it is a somewhat light purple and that just gives the "grape-syrupy" colored polish all the more depth. Don't get grossed out by that description, if you did I apologize, but this is a fantastic color!! It's so unique too and a color for all you purple lovers to definitely go gaga for!

Alegra. A rich fuchsia candy-like sparkling glass fleck like this just completes this collection, in my opinion. Even if you are tired of berry like shades, the sparkles and flakes definitely re-vamp the trend. Oh, wait, did I see a few silver flakies in there too? Yes, yes, this polish is full of fun little pieces that you normally wouldn't think to find in a pink. A unique pink!! Thank you Zoya.

Nidhi. This tomato paste red with minimal silver flakies has me scratching my head a bit. It does not seem to me to fit in with the rest of this collection's "chock-full-o-sparkles-and-depth" bio. The sparkles in this one seem to be hiding, or like somebody just sprinkled some on top instead of mixing them in at full throttle. Anyway, not my taste but I just feel like something is missing.

Gilda. This sassy hot pink sparkling glass fleck is super summery! I love the fact that Zoya put a new spin on a classic neon hue. I really like this color as well and this is a type of polish perfect for a fun party or a day at the beach! The hue almost reminds me of a super-bright tropical flower... ahh the thought won't escape my mind, summertime vacation :)

Onto formula, all of these were 3 coaters except for Nidhi, which was 2 coats. Signature Zoya application, FLAW-LESS *said in a sing-songy voice*! Anyway, the type of simmer in these polishes really impressed me both by it's unique feel and combination of glass flecked shimmer and metallic shine. Color me a HUGE fan! Zoya has been knocking it out of the park for the past few seasons, and with a huge smash at that!

Flash Collection will be reviewed soon!